Emanuel Wilfer V50 3/4小提琴

【歐洲提琴】德國品牌Emanual Wilfer小提琴現已登陸本店!今次介紹的是 #Wilfer #V50 3/4小提琴,純正歐洲血統,而性價比更超越同等價值之國產小提琴,歡迎預約試琴。


We proudly present to you Emanual Wilfer's violin this Christmas! The first model of Wilfer's violin we are introducing is V50, which is 100% made in Europe. At its affordable price, it surprisingly outperform the violins of the same price range from the Chinese workshops. Wanna tryout? Don't hesitate and drop as a message!

Link: http://store.wisionmusic.com/index.php?rt=product/product&product_id=11